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The Sun - 13th July 1999


The crisis in India has taken a step for the worse, with only the might of a UN special resolution stopping India from escalating the combat in the now devastated Kashmirearea. Pakistan is still protesting vehemently that the nuclear warhead that was detonated was stolen from their facilities without their knowledge, but the strategic timing and placing of the nuclear bomb has not been lost on the international community.

Diplomats from all countries are flocking to the area, and the atmosphere in the region could be said to be below freezing. India has launched an all out attack on Pakistan's borders, as yet only using conventional troops, but are holding their own small nuclear arsenal in reserve.

The Pakistani government has moved wholesale to Saudi Arabia, where they are controlling their troop movements long distance, a move that has led to cries of cowardice from those on the front line. Elements of the Pakistani army have moved into the mountains and are conducting guerilla warfare against their invaders. It is rumoured that elements within Indian society are moving towards strategic targets, though the Indian government strongly denies this.

Britain and America have called for calm in the area, and are trying to table talks between the leaders. This has been met with caution from both sides.

Casualties in the war so far are running into the hundreds of thousands, the death toll may end up the highest since the Great War at the beginning of the century. Already Islamic countries are aligning against India and its mostly Hindu population. There are even some hints that India attacked its own province to spark off this war. Israel has pledged support for India and its secret services are alleged to be working to discover the exact nature of the bombing. Either way Israel's support could cause Islamic factions to take an even harder line against India, and diplomats have privately admitted that the situation could get far worse before it gets better.....

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