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Naomi goes on another date with Laurence, they schedule a third, but he phones and cancels at the last minute, having been called away on urgent business. He seems a little odd, and worried about Naomi, and tells her to be careful.

The next day, Naomi and the others recieve a message from Professor Anderson, asking them to go and see him about a new job. They turn up at his lab, and he seems to be under the impression that they have already volunteered for the job. He tells them that the research centre, Waystation, in orbit around Pluto, has not been heard from for a while. This in itself is not unusual, but a resupply mission is due, so they're to take out supplies and see if everything is okay.

The group reluctantly set off in Professor Anderson's wooden ether-ship. Soon into the journey an intruder alert occurs in the cargo area. It turns out only to be Loki, who comes in and makes himself at home. Naomi, overcome by his charm, decides to go sleep in the cockpit, away from the bunk area where Loki is. That night while Theo is on watch, and Naomi is asleep nearby, Loki wanders in to the cockpit and sits their quietly, explaining to Theo that he just wants to be there.

A proximity alert sounds, waking everyone. An escape capsule from a Void Engineer ship is detected, the party change course and go to bring it in. Awakening the woman inside, they find it to be the only survivor from a raider attack on their research vessel. They drop the woman off near a Void Engineer station at Jupiter.

As they near Waystation they enter a violent storm. The communications are still dead, so the group move the ship into docking range. Loki seems very afraid, though he won't tell anyone why, and he eventually disappears. The group try to contact Waystation's docking computer, but pick up a sentient virus that appears to have infected all of Waystation. The virus propagates rapidly, taking out the ships primary computer system. Theo and Tom manage to stop it in it's tracks and isolate it from the back-up system.

The group then use the ship's Goliath cannons to blow up the docking bay door, and guide the ship in using the back-up computer system. They have a very bumpy landing, but have finally reached Waystation.

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