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The group land on Waystation and tentatively explore the docking bay and try to get their bearings. Using Theo's magic 8-ball they try to choose a safe course around the station but end up walking around in circles. Deciding that nowhere is safe, they start looking in different places, finding several scary tentacle monsters which they run away from, and a kitchen full of dead people.

Jabe decides to try and contact the dead, and asks the others to wait outside as he requires solitude. While they're waiting, an image of a fox's head appears on a wall screen, looking frightened, then runs off. Once Jabe is finished, he tells the group about Feral, the avatar of the station's computer, the fox they had seen. They decide the best thing to do would be to find Feral and head out to try and find the computer core.

The group are stopped in their tracks by a scream from the floor below them, and rush to the lifts to try and help whoever it is. In order to get there, they need to go through the mechanics bay, which is full of many tentacle monsters. They get jumped on by two, Jake gets severely mauled and chewed whilst the others try to drag it off him. Naomi gets attacked by another, and Jabe blows his arm off with a laser pistol whilst trying to save her. Theo runs off down the corridor they are trying to get to in order to stop two men that ran off down there, leaving the others to dispatch the monsters. Which they do. Eventually.

Making sure the door is firmly closed behind them, so no more monsters can get to them, they set off down the corridor, and soon come upon the computer core and Feral. Feral tells them that nephandi and their monsters have taken over the station, and have themselves holed up in ops. The sentient computer virus that the group encountered on the ship is preventing Feral from getting access to the computer systems so that she can set the station to self destruct, and asks the group to go and attack the sentient's human allies in ops, which will hopefully distract the sentient enough for her to get in and do what she needs.

The group agree, and set off, stopping by the armoury and medical bay on their way. They reach Ops, and just as they're preparing to enter the security codes given to them by Feral and storm in, the door opens. They find themselves face to face with a man in white robes and a silver mask. He stands there calmly and simply says:

"We've been expecting you, Child of Moloch."

Then turns and walks back into the room. Naomi, being the only one to have reacted quickly enough to possibly shoot him, lowers her weapon and follows him in, the others file in after her. The man stands watching them as accusations fly around. Some of them seem to know what the 'Child of Moloch' might mean, and it's obviously not good. At some point during this, Theo manages to shoot the man whilst he's distracted, and a big fight ensues. Theo and Jake try to jump across the table to reach the man, Tom wheels himself around the table, and Naomi puts herself between Jabe and the fight to try and protect him. Before anyone gets a chance to do anything else, the man disappears in a cloud of sulphorous smoke.

The self-destruct countdown starts, and Feral is seen on the monitors fighting the Sentient, in order to let the group get away. They race to an escape pod, climb in and launch. As they speed away, Waystation explodes behind them.

At this point they begin discussing the Child of Moloch again. Those who know telling those who don't the details. Moloch was a Hermetic who was prophesised to unite the Traditions and the Technocracy, which in turn would cause 1000 years of hell on earth. The Hermetics hunted him down, gilgulled him, and then killed him. But it is commonly believed that his destiny had passed on to his children and down through their lineage. The destiny is split in two, and requires both Children of Moloch in order to come true.

Shortly into their journey they notice a red light flashing on the guidance system, it must have been damaged in the explosion. Instead of heading for Earth as they're supposed to be, they're now heading for Mars.

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