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Professor Anderson enlists the group to find him some special Primium wire. He gives them two potential sources, one a Progenitor lab at a London university, the other a warehouse attached to a shipping centre. The group decide to meet the next morning and go and try the university first, hoping that the security there will be more lax as it is an academic instituion.

That evening they go their own ways. Naomi goes on her first date with Laurence Karlos, a man who volunteers at her community centre, though he shows up with a broken arm that he injured on his recent business trip. Jake goes to a club and picks up a random woman, along with herpes. And Theo spends his evening productively, by hacking into the university computer system.

The next day they arrive at the university, and after hanging round for two days trying to figure out a way in, and Theo being beaten up by an ex-girlfriend, they decide to cut their losses and go try the warehouse instead.

Jabe pretends to be an old tramp, and follows one of the warehouse security guards home from work. Then Tom, Jabe and Jake go to his house and bribe him.

The next day they have their wire, which they take to Professor Anderson. He tinkers with it for a moment, then shows them the purple LED that he needed the wire to make.

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