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The Docklands Chantry needs a group of young mages to act as general dogsbodies, so they enlist the Hermetic, Jake, to go out and find himself a cabal. First recruited is Tom O'Bedlam, an Ecstatic who has Loki as an avatar. Second comes Naomi Randall, an Akashic who runs a local community centre. And finally the Virtual Adept, Theo joins the group.

They are told to find something to do around the chantry, and bump into Mitch in the bar. He tells them of a strange 'disturbance' in the nearby countryside.

They go off to investigate, and eventually find themselves pulled into a strange pocket dimension, inhabited by swamp dwelling froglocks. After dining with the froglocks, they meet a wise old fish, who tells them about an ancient being who sleeps in a pyramid, and the mad ex-king that guards him.

Deciding that this ancient being could be the key to them escaping the pocket dimension, the mages set off to the pyramid. Whilst Jake keeps the king busy, the others attempt to release the now awake ancient being from his sarcophagus.

Once they have freed the old man, Jabe Madgick, the pocket universe starts to collapse around them, and they barely escape with their lives. Leaving the froglocks and their swamp cut off somewhere in the umbra.

Now free, Jabe is confused about the present state of the world. His odd behaviour and speech patterns lead the others to believe he is either mad, or has been trapped in the pocket dimension for a very long time.

The four young mages, plus Jabe, return to the chantry to wait for further tasks to come their way.

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