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The Calm...

Tom has received a message asking for his assistance in Brighton, apparently he's quite a legend and so decides to drag the rest of the cabal along too. Loki drives the cabal down to Brighton where he leaves them, but not before giving Tom an ominous message: that Tom would face a decision that all previous Toms had faced and not survived. Tom leads everyone to a boat called the Chaos Rainbow where his contacts are.

Boarding the ship they find only the captain, Michael, on board. Michael is a little surprised when he sees Tom is in a wheelchair and tells the group that everyone else, including James - the man who is apparently a friend of Tom's, is ashore at the moment gathering supplies.

Michael pulls a sheaf of papers out of his desk drawer and shows them to Tom. They contain the schematics of a prototype whaling ship that James had come by through his contacts, the only problem is that it's impossible. The sheer size of the ship alone is enough to mean that it would get no further than the drawing board, let alone the structure. Such a thing would be an impossibility within the realm of current materils and engineering technology and, whilst the Technocracy would be capable of building such a monstrosity, the paradox they would incur would be enormous.

Michael tells the group that this ship has actually been seen sailing around the North Sea and that is why he contacted Tom, he needs Tom's help to put a stop to it. Tom agrees to help, as do the rest of the group, and Michael tells them they will be leaving port in the afternoon of the next day, so they have some time to gather any supplies they might need.

Tom takes the group to a pub, well away from any that they might meet the ship's crewmembers in, and informs them that he is not the first Tom O'Bedlam. There have been many before him, though how many he does not know, and he thinks it was the previous Tom that was connected with the ship. Once that has been discussed, the group go and take a quick scuba course, something that seems sensible when sailing on the high seas, then get rooms at a bed and breakfast for the night.

The next morning they return to the ship to find a full complement of crew waiting for them. One crewmember, Mark the engineer, glowers at them as they board, particularly a Naomi, but they are quickly taken out of his way and down to the captain's quarters. In there they meet James for the first time, who almost manages to hide his surprise on seeing the new Tom. Michael and James go over the supplies they have, standard seafaring equipment along with a large quantity of dodgy explosives for scuttling the whaling ship. Michael explains that their course will take them to a port in Iceland to pick up further supplies before heading out to sea properly. After the briefing is finished the group are shown to their rooms and left to their own devices whilst the sailors tend to the now moving ship.

That night Naomi hears a noise whilst in her room. Going to investigate she finds James and Mark in the cargo bay. Mark is prostrate on the floor with James having clearly just put him there, and scowls up at Naomi when she enters. James says some harsh words about not wanting to find Mark down there again and roughs Mark up a little more when he is insolent, then Mark leaves, barging past Naomi. James tells Naomi that he found Mark lurking around the explosives before heading to the up on deck himself.

Naomi tells the others what has happened and they decide to post a 24 hour watch on the explosives in case anything should happen in the future. Tom sets up an alarm effect on the barrels that will alert him should anyone go near, and Jake takes on guard duties as he is the one most likely to be able to dampen an explosion should the worst happen.

The next day they make port at Reykjavik and Michael tells them they will be there for a day or so. The crew, except for James and Michael, go ashore. Theo decides to go sightseeing, as does Tom who is accompanied by Merlin. Jake, being unable to leave his post, stays in the hold and Naomi also stays onboard to keep Jake company and take him food and drink.

After a few hours an explosion wracks the ship. From the opposite side of the hold from him Jake sees water begin to pour in. He races towards it, running past the explosives and deliberately triggering Tom's alarm to get his attention, and starts using his magic to hold the water back. James and Naomi, who were on deck at the time, race downstairs and James, apparently unfazed by the use of magic, begins to plug the hole. After a while he tells Jake he can let go and then goes off to find tools to make a more permanent repair.

Tom and Merlin arrive back at the ship having felt the alert from Jake setting off the alarm. Tom and Naomi go to investigate the outside of the ship to see if they can find any clues. Tom looks back in time and sees a Neanderthal-looking man planting a charge on the hull. The charge doesn't appear to be conventional explosives though, instead looking vaguely mystical and having spiritual runes engraved on it. Naomi realises that, if flipped through 180o and overlaid on the other half of the ship, the explosives would have been planted right next to where the explosives are. So it's probably a very good thing that the Neanderthal-man apparently got turned around in the water.

Clearly there must be a spy on the ship, Mark is the most likely suspect given he had been hanging around the hold and acting dodgy. Michael vouches for him though, saying that he knew him from school, and instead suggests the cook who he claims had also been lurking around the hold. Michael is acting oddly though, almost as if being externally influenced in some way.

Meanwhile it's getting late and Theo still hasn't returned to the boat. They try phoning him but get no answer and Naomi decides to go looking for him. Naomi follows Theo's trail in to the bad part of town where she gets stalked by two thugs. After managing to lose them she returns to the ship where she keeps a vigil on deck in the hope that he returns safely. After many fruitless hours exhaustion finally gets to her and she topples over the side and in to the icy water below. An alarm is quickly sounded and she is pulled out, barely conscious, by James.

The next morning, with Naomi mostly recovered, Tom attempts to psychically contact Theo. From a collection of vague mental images he manages to glean a rough location and the general state of Theo. They hire a car and speed off to the rescue, leaving Merlin to look after the explosives.

They reach a hut near some caves and park a little way off whilst Naomi sneaks in to investigate. In the hut she finds a man with a gun sat inside watching television and returns to tell the others this. They decide Naomi should try and disarm him whilst he's distracted, rather than running the risk of him creeping up on them whilst they're trying to get Theo out of the cave. She returns to the hut and as she reaches the door it opens to reveal the man stood with his gun pointed at her head. He tells her to turn around and go home, so she begins to walk off. Just then there is an angry cry from the cave, it's Theo. The man races off to the cave and Naomi turns and chases off after him. Noticing he is being pursued, the man turns and fires his gun at Naomi who manages to avoid the shot by diving to the floor. The next one won't be so easy to avoid though as Naomi is now prone. Fortunately Jake saves the day by frying the man with a fireball.

They race in to the cave and find Theo chained to the wall, and a man buried under collapsed rubble with a gun in his hand and a pickaxe in his back. It seems that Theo had been captured and put to work as a slave in a diamond mine. They free Theo and the other people held captive there, then set off back to town in search of Theo's stolen possessions.

They track down his PDA and reclaim it, then try to find the goons that had kidnapped him to see what more information they can provide. With Naomi walking around on her own, acting as bait, they soon come out of hiding and approach her. Before they can attack her the other members of the group strike quickly. Jake and Merlin knock out one goon with a baseball bat and some sleep-inducing magic, whilst Theo launches a direct assault on the mind of the other in the hopes of making him more pliable to questioning. However, the assault is rather more effective than Theo intended and turns the goon in gibbering vegetable. Giving up hope of gaining more information here the group call an ambulance for the men then return to the boat to confront Michael.

Tom, Theo and Naomi come up with a method of joining forces to cancel whatever mind control Michael is under and, whilst Jake and Merlin look after the explosives, they go and confront Michael. Michael is clearly not himself anymore, talking randomly and contradictorily. Not far in to the conversation he pulls his gun out and starts waving it around. Tom starts bombarding him with questions, firstly to keep Michael's attention focused on Tom and secondly to try and confuse Michael with the inconsistencies of his own story to hopefully break the hold over him. He backs this up with a confusion effect, but it only serves to put Michael under full control of the entity that had been influencing him: a confusion spirit. Immediately the gun swings round to Naomi and a shot is fired, but she manages to dive under the table and avoid it. Theo uses his mind powers to try and force the brainwave patterns back to resembling Michael's, pushing the spirit out, but the spirit senses this and turns the gun on Theo, shooting him in the shoulder. Whilst all this had been going on, Tom had been gathering his power to try and exorcise the spirit. Naomi and Theo incapacitate Michael's physical body and, with one last push, Tom drives the spirit out of Michael and back to wherever it came from.

The next day Tom tells Michael that he will be assuming control of the boat for the remainder of the mission and, after hiring a new crew, they set off in search of the ship once more.

After another week at sea they catch sight of the massive vessel, still several days sailing away, and begin to work on their plans for the assault. They realise that the ship, and all it's attack helicopters, are probably not going to want another vessel nearby, so Jake, Naomi and James take the explosives on to a dinghy and set up a cloaking field around themselves in preparation. The others remain on the main boat and, when the ship radios them and tells them to change course, they stall for as long as possible so that the dinghy doesn't have so far to go and then comply with the big ship's wishes. Once the attack helicopters back off Tom, through James, tells the dinghy to stop and wait for them. Tom and Theo set out underwater using DPVs, whilst Merlin rides Tom's wheelchair on the surface of the water until they all catch up with the dinghy.

Once they are all reunited the dinghy sets off towards the ship again. Something is wrong with the cloaking field though. Whilst it's cloaking everyone else's perceptions of the dinghy it's also cloaking the perceptions of exterior time and space for those on the inside. Sensing something is deeply wrong, Tom and Theo throw themselves over the side. Merlin, also sensing something is wrong, puts up a buffering field around the explosives to try and cushion them. Jake, Naomi and James are oblivious to the problem until it is too late though, and are caught in the huge impact as the dinghy goes hurtling in to the side of the massive ship.

The contents of the dinghy are thrown in to the water and begin sinking fast. Naomi regains consciousness quickly and sees Jake disappearing in to the depths below her. Diving down she manages to grab hold of him and stop him sinking further, whilst using her magic and buddy-breathing to give them both air. Tom dives quickly after James, who seemed to have taken the worst of the collision, whilst Theo herded up the explosives. All reconvene with Merlin, who is floating around quite happily underwater, sat on Tom's wheelchair within a bubble of air.

They find the grill that they need to open in order to gain access to the ship, but realise that it will take longer to remove than they have air in the bubble. Naomi, as she has her own magic to allow her to breathe underwater, sends the others to the surface whilst she sets about removing the grill. Soon they are inside and find themselves in the main pool area.

There is activity in the pool area, though all over the other side and no one appears to have noticed them. However, they see a security guard walking down the corridor beside them who will no doubt see them as soon as he walks through the doors to the room. Jake and Merlin get themselves in position and, when he steps through the door, Jake whacks him over the back of the head whilst Merlin puts him to sleep with magic. They tie him up and put him in a nearby store-cupboard, making a note to come back and get him before the ship sinks. With that obstacle out of the way, they split up into teams and each go to their allocated sectors.

Jake and Naomi take the centre section, the hinges of the boat and the most obvious weak spot. Their explosives will be the first to blow as they would be the most likely to cause enough damage to order an evacuation, and therefore give as much time to evacuate before the ship actually sinks. Whilst Jake works on setting the first charge, Naomi keeps watch in the corridor. After a short while she hears footsteps coming towards them and hides herself behind a girder. A marine steps in to view and Naomi uses a magical effect that she had been developing after watching Merlin, to put him to sleep. She ties him up and then she and Jake carry him to a lifeboat before going to set their second charge. They return to the lifeboat and send it and the marine in to the water below as their charges go off.

Theo and Merlin reach the engine room at the stern of the boat just as the first set of charges explode. People immediately start evacuating, so they hide until everyone is gone and then are left with peace and quiet to work in. Once their charges are set they head back up to deck and Theo starts eyeing up the attack helicopters.

Back at the front of the ship, Tom and James are working their way to the control room. When they reach it Tom comes upon an old acquaintance: Heather, the void engineer that the group met whilst on the way to Pluto. After a little persuasion from Tom she doesn't activate the alarm and instead heads to a lifeboat. With any immediate problems removed, James goes to get the security guard and take him up to a lifeboat, leaving Tom to set the explosives. As Tom is looking around the room he finds a DVD burnt with something resembling a paradox effect, leaving a mark like a phoenix on it. He picks it up and pockets it, and finishes setting his explosive just as a second detonation wracks the ship.

The final explosion goes off and the ship starts sinking. Jake and Naomi find an unused lifeboat and set off in that, picking Merlin up from the back of the boat. Theo has commandeered an attack helicopter, so the only people missing are Tom and James. Jake pilots the boat at full speed to the front of the ship, whilst Naomi radio's frantically to try and get some response out of the two missing crew members. Tom, however, is unable to answer as he's too busy swimming for his life down the passage they entered the ship through. However, the boat is listing to that side as it sinks, and Tom is actually heading in completely the wrong direction. He feels a tap on his back and finds James there, signaling to him to go the other way. Theo blasts a hole in the top of the ship to allow Tom to climb out, and James helps him on to the ledge before being thrown back in to the water himself by a violent judder as the ship sinks. Naomi climbs on to the ship and helps Tom down to the dinghy before diving inside the ship to try and find James. She finds him clinging for dear life to a buoy, shooting skywards. She grabs hold as he goes past and they both arrive safely on the surface to be picked up by Jake in the dinghy.

Theo flies over the Chaos Rainbow, keeping the Technocrats from boarding until the rest of the group get back, then he dumps the helicopter in the ocean. A distress signal is sent to call people to come get the people from the ship, and then the Chaos Rainbow heads back to Brighton after a successful mission.

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