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Tales of Ancient Glory

The masters of the chantry have to leave for America urgently. Something bad has happened and they are all needed to go and try and sort it out. But who to put in charge whilst they are gone? Attention turns to the two most magically powerful students, Jake and William. As a test they are each put in charge of a nightclub for a week, whoever is most 'successful' will be made chantry head.

The group set off to their club, are introduced to the manager, and settle down to discuss what they're going to do. Before too long they're approached by a drug dealer wanting to use the club as a distribution outlet, and a boxing promoter wanting to hold illegal boxing matches there. Apparently both of these dodgy dealings had been held there in the past, but the group turn them down, not wanting to get involved in anything illegal.

Anthony arrives at the club, along with his friend Jessica, a talented young mage and sister to Lisa, one of William's crew. Jessica gives the crew some info about William, he's arrogant and can be easily provoked into doing something rash. Whilst it's nothing the group couldn't have guessed just by observing William they are glad for the help.

On the Monday Jake recieves a call from Lisa, asking him to meet her for a mutually beneficial discussion. With some bland promises of helping Jake against William, Lisa leaves Jake with a huge meal that was far more than enough for three people, let alone one. Realising that his 'condition' will cause him to try and eat it all if left on his own, he calls for back up, and Theo and Naomi arrive on the scene to help out. Whilst Theo starts tucking in to the food, Naomi notices Jake eyeing up the jug of beer. Rather than doing something sensible like 'accidentally' spilling it, or just drinking a bit to help ease the burden, Naomi downs the entire lot and promptly falls over. Theo and Jake carry her out of the restaurant and get her back to the club, only to realise that she's a lot worse than they first think, and have to rush her to hospital with alcohol poisoning.

The group call Laurence, who's in Scotland, using Theo's magic to route the phone call to a region that actually had no signal, and tell him what's happened. He tells them he's on his way down. The next day Naomi wakes up in hospital with a serious hangover, uses her magic to purge the alcohol from her system, and then discharges herself, much to the protestation of the other members of the group. As she's leaving, Laurence walks in the door, looking extremely unhappy with her. He takes her off home to rest, leaving the others to go back to the club and sort things out there.

That evening is the opening night of William's club. Jake and Theo go, along with Naomi and Laurence, leaving Tom and Merlin at Jake's club. It's a fabulous star-filled affair, completely out of place in its setting, but still well recieved. Naomi and Theo put a plan into action to get everyone calling William by his childhood pet name 'Little Willy'. During a conversation with William, Jake's drink gets spiked with Rohypnol and the others rally together to get him out of the club and to safety.

The next morning Laurence returns to his business in Scotland, leaving Naomi and the others to prepare for the big charity opening night of their club. The evening goes well to begin with, only to be disrupted by the drug dealer and his goons turning up to teach the group a lesson for turning him down. The group rush to get the partygoers inside and out of harms way, and then face off against the automatic weapon-weilding drug dealers in the street outside.

The party are cut down in a hail of bullets, but thankfully the damage was not to great due to a shield that Jake had erected with his forces magic. Half of the drug goons are fried to unconsciousness by Merlin unleashing the full force of his might, and then everyone is stunned into silence by the Dark Phantom appearing on the rooftops above them. He shoots the drug goons with a powerful laser beam emenating from his codpiece, and then disappears as dramatically as he arrives, leaving the party to suffer from his paradox.

The party heal themselves, and thankfully there were no other casualties apart from the drug goons, and then relate their revised story of the evening's events to the police as they turn up. Naomi goes inside to talk to the shocked party goers and convinces them that all is well and that the party will continue as normal. Everyone carries on, almost as if nothing had happened, and the night is a success.

The party realise, that with all of the setbacks they have had, that William is looking to be in the stronger position. Tom arranges to meet with Lisa, and propositions her. They come to an agreement to cause William to do something stupid so that he will not be in a position to win the competition. Tom returns to Jake and tells him to go to William's party the following night and agree to any of William's demands, no matter how outrageous they might be. Jake is dubious, but goes along with it.

The next night they all go to William's party. As soon as William sees Jake he charges across the room towards him, it seems he was not too happy about people calling him 'Little Willy'. Without stopping for a breath, William challenges Jake to a certamen duel to the death. Jake accepts, as instructed.

The next day they turn up at the agreed certamen duel location. Jessica lurks around the wings, curious as to what is going on, and when she learns that it is a duel to the death she disappears off into the bushes. As Jake and William square off against each other, the Hermetic master appears, calling an end to the duel and ripping down the certamen barriers. He is highly displeased as by trying to kill each other they were directly violating the rules of the competition. He announces that neither of them are fit for the position of chantry head and storms off. Jake is immensly happy, not only has he prevented William from becoming head, but he has also avoided it himself.

The next day at the chantry, the Hermetic master announces that Jessica will be head of the chantry, due to her cunning and guile, and ability to play each team off against each other.

Before they can relax and talk about what has gone on, they are called to the VR-rig room. Tony is inside a rig and stuck in the Digital Web. The only contact they have had with him is a message to Theo saying 'I have found the phoenix'.

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