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Tom O'Bedlam

Tom O'Bedlam

"D'you think we can stop the bastards telling everybody how to live their lives without killing them?"
"You just gotta make friends with 'em. Make friends with them until they beg for mercy."

Age: 20ish?

Tradition: Cult of Ecstacy

Description: Tom is maybe twenty years old and has brown hair overdue for a trim. He wears a linen suit over a Greenpeace T-shirt and has a faraway look in his eyes that may be down to the drugs or may be due to something else entirely. He carries a brown leather satchel with him when travelling and, as a result of his fall, he is now confined to a wheelchair.

Tom is also blessed/cursed with an avatar that manifests in the form of Loki, the Norse personification of chaos. Since neither Loki nor (at least to some extent) Tom perceive time as strictly linear, conversations between the two can be...interesting.



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