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"Just because Ragnarok is the destruction of the universe as we know it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing."

The son of the giants Farbauti and Laufey, Loki is also blood-brother to the Aesir, with whom he acts as both foe and helper according to his whim. He is the Trickster, he who challenges order and structure and brings about change. One might also say that he has fun doing it. In the prophesied Ragnarok, Loki will side with his family, the Jotuns, against the Aesir and, in so doing, bring about the death of the gods and the destruction of the world. However, out of the fire, a new world will be born. The old and outworn is swept away to leave room for the growth of the new.

Loki appears to Tom (and to anyone with Tom at the time) in the guise of his Avatar, always recognisable though he never assumes the same form twice. He may materialise from any point in his timeline and out of linear sequence, so on one day he may claim to be at the end of his life, while on the next he may say that he has never met Tom before. This ability does allow him to give Tom information about the future, though Loki, either through necessity or simply because it amuses him, always makes such statements as cryptic as possible. He requires Tom for a purpose, though the nature of that pupose has yet to be revealed.

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