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Ellen Wickliff

Ellen Wickliff

"You know, Naomi: sweet girl, not that bright."

Ellen's parents died in a car crash when she was five years old. Without any family to look after her, she was placed in a foster home where she was bullied by the other children. At the age of fifteen she had finally had enough and ran away. After living on the streets of London for a year she met Naomi and the two became firm friends.

A constant support to Naomi, she helped found the community centre and is now chiefly in charge of the administration side of it's running. Ellen is the consummate party animal and sometimes despairs at her more quiet friend's lack of a social life. However, Ellen realises that there is something 'odd' about Naomi, and Naomi's reluctance to tell her about it is a constant source of tension between the two despite it never being mentioned by either of them.

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