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Naomi Randall - Journal

25th October 1999

This whole Mondial/Nineman thing has got me thinking. Mondial is the perfect hero, always in the right place at the right time, always able to do or say just the right the thing, whilst Nineman housed all the insecurities and fears and the hopelessness. In fact it seems that Mondial was a direct projection of the disillusionment and hopelessnees, a shining beacon to light the way through the darkness. Given the state of world at the moment it's a surprise then that it hasn't already fallen in to a communal quiet and exuded it's own hero to come save the day. Maybe that's what the storm is, a destructive hobgoblin born of the universe's quiet. And all the magical energy that's pouring in, focussed toward the Earth, maybe that will bring forth a great hero to save us...

I don't think we should be standing around here waiting though.

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