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Naomi Randall - Journal

21st October 1999

Found Nineman easily enough, he showed us the files he has on 'Operation Sparkmaker'. Seems the guy who did the original experiments and was sentenced to Gilgul and death for his crimes, is still around and has started up the experiments again - the Technocracy didn't carry out their part of the deal properly. We now have extensive and grotesque details of the experiments being carried out at a military base in Canada. The autopsy photos and reports have now been copied on to Theo's PDA so that we could bring them to Los Angeles and show them to Kurgan and Suzie.

Kurgan and Suzie were just as disgusted by the whole thing as we were, and have agreed to help us out a little by teleporting us up there. That solves the problem of how to get there at least, and we have a friendly spirit on side to whip up a blizzard and cover our approach. Now we just have the problem of what to do when we get there. I'm driving myself a little crazy running it over and over in my head. I'm definately over-analysing everything, but whilst I can see it I can't seem to stop. It has lead to a few interesting revelations about certain people though, and made me realise that we're really not talking to each other enough. I think that's fixed now, with one exception anyway, though I really don't know what to do about him...

And then there's Nineman. Talking with him was almost as taxing as conversations with Tom, though in a different way. His inconsolable sense of hopelessness was hard to penetrate, especially as I wasn't feeling too confidant about the whole thing myself. And whilst I don't think I managed to change his mind about the world being a lost cause I think I made a dent. He gave me pin, a 'psychic focus' he called it, so that if we got in trouble he could try and help. He stressed the 'try', but still it was something. Maybe once we've pulled this off it'll give him some concrete proof that there is good out there, and maybe it'll turn that dent in to a crack and let some hope shine through.

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